Is everyone you know getting sick these days? With news of Ebola and other bugs making the rounds, we wanted to give some advice on the top 5 shockingly dirty areas in your home and how to clean them. Of course, The Maids of Johnson County can help you take care of these pesky areas by cleaning your home but here are some DIY tips:

1. Bathtub.

Yes, we find it puzzling too the place where we go to get clean is the dirtiest place in the home. To remedy this, clean your tub daily with a cleaner of your choice (bonus points for an environmentally-friendly choice), run your exhaust fans and wipe down the tub when you’re finished.



2. Kitchen Sink.

Would you believe us if we told you some studies show toilet bowls to be cleaner than kitchen sinks? It’s unfortunately true and our kitchen sinks deserve some cleaning attention. To get rid of those germs, wash and rinse the sink and then consider using a disinfecting cleaner.

kitchen sink


3. TV Remote.

Fighting over the remote may happen less as we explain the TV remote is yet another spot in the home where germs love to hide. Keep it clean by wiping it down with an alcohol wipe or a cloth with a disinfecting solution.

Remote control

4. Computer Keyboard.

How often do you eat while at your computer? If you’re anything like us, it happens fairly frequently. Try to avoid dropping crumbs into it and wash your hands before and after using it. On occasion, wipe the keys with alcohol or bleach wipes (but nothing too wet, we’re dealing with electronics here).




5. Toothbrush.

Our toothbrushes hang out with us twice a day (hopefully). They can be a breeding ground for bacteria; avoid this by making sure it can air out in between uses, keeping it away from the toilet, and replace it often.


There you have it, the top 5 shockingly dirty areas in our homes. Do you have other areas that should make this list?

Contact The Maids of Johnson County if you’d prefer the home cleaning professionals in Kansas take care of these 5 dirtiest areas.